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VJ-Series Saltwater Pool Pump

Have you already made the smart choice? Converting to a saltwater pool means your water stays crystal-clear without the need to buy expensive chemicals. The only way things get even better is with an ultra-efficient Circupool® VJ-Series variable-speed or multi-speed pool pump. VJ-Series pumps are certified saltwater-safe and have been engineered for superior performance, incredible durability, and quiet operation. What really makes things even better is that the operation is so energy-efficient that it can quickly pay for itself and continue to provide BIG SAVINGS, EVERY YEAR.

Pump Type Avg. Utility Rate Est. Cost To Operate* One Year Savings* Five Year Cost To Operate* Five Year Savings*
Single-speed Pump $0.15/kWh $1678.94/year $0.00 $8394.70 $0.00
Circupool® VJ-2
Dual Speed
$0.15/kWh $265.00/year $1413.94 $1325.00 $7069.70
Circupool® VJ3-EF
Variable Speed

*Savings in comparison to† a single-speed† pump operating for 12 hrs/day on a 20,000 gallon pool at an average of $0.15 per kWh. Actual savings may vary according to factors such as local utility rates, specifications of comparison pump, pump run time, pool size and other hydraulic factors.

Circupool® VJ-Series pumps are certified safe for use in saltwater pools. But you donít need a saltwater pool to enjoy their benefits: German engineering gives them incredible energy-efficiency, durability, superior performance, and quiet operation. Beyond low-cost, environmentally-friendly operation, VJ-Series all-composite, self-priming pumps also set standards for the future by using 100% recyclable plastics which benefit the consumer and environment.

The Circupool®VJ-2a is a dual-speed medium-head pump engineered for durability and quiet performance. Equipped with a built-in programmable digital timer, the VJ-2 also eliminates the need for a time clock. The VJ-2 is equipped with 2" suction and 1-1/2" and 2" discharge unions, ensuring optimum efficiency. Circupool’s high quality continues in the VJ-2 with positive advances to benefit the consumer and the environment.

The Circupool® VJ3-EF variable-speed saltwater pool pump is an energy efficient, high performance pump. Boasting 2.7 THP, its computer-controlled, customized performance can pay for itself in a single year, and continue to provide giant savings every year. With unmatched versatility, the Circupool® VJ3-EF is at home on everything from large residential swimming pools to small play-pools and spas.



  • Ultra-high efficiency, save up to 90%* on energy costs.
  • Built-in controls have out-of-the-box functionality. Easily optimized for your poolís precise needs, such as running water features, cleaners, spa jets, and other pool accessories.
  • Easy to install and easy to operate. Works with existing equipment on all in-ground & permanently-installed pools.
  • Salt-Certified for use with saltwater pools, up to 5000 ppm.
  • VJ-2 equipped with built-in digital timer.
  • Whisper quiet. Continuous low speed operation increases filter efficiency and helps to prevent algae growth.
  • VJ3-EF equipped with 2.7 THP Century® V-Green® Variable Speed motor with built-in easy to use controller LCD screen.
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