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Swimming Pool Safety

Playing it safe in and around the pool.

Swimming Pool Safety

Although pools are so much fun to swim and play in, they can also be dangerous if you do not follow the safety rules. A list by your pool or read to your kids can greatly reduce the chance that an accident will spoil your day.

Here are some rules to consider:

There are many safety rules in your state that you should read up on and also enforce. To keep your pool safe for everyone please make sure they are aware of the rules and precautions. If you own a chlorine pool make sure your levels and chemicals are at a safe measurement. For those that own a salt pool remember to clean the electrolytic cell when needed.

Keep safety equipment by the pool and first-aid kits close by and make sure your family knows the proper emergency procedures and how to the safety devices. Make sure your list of rules are posted and read any time a friend comes to swim.

Your children should know what to do in any situation and have a grown-up learn CPR by going to the YMCA or another organization that prepares life-guards. You may not ever need to use your life-jackets or first-aid kit, but you have to be prepared for whatever may happen in your pool.

Swim safely and have fun!

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