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Many people have questions about the latest in pool sanitization technology.

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Latest News About Salt Water Pools

Saltwater Pool Systems Now Preferred Four to One
by Webmaster

Looking back, 2009 was the year salt water pools took off. Suddenly, everybody was doing it. Why is it that a 30-year old technology took so long to catch on? Could be two reasons: Like everything else, the latest digital circuitry has made these devices more automated and more user friendly. It also allows the systems to operate at salinity levels below the human threshold of taste. Secondly, the mainstream pool industry has pretty much given up on condemning the technology. Their predictions of damage and other problems have not come to pass and no one can deny that hundreds of thousands of salt pool owners are happy: Virtually every major pool equipment manufacturer sells them.
It is not good news for the people that sell chlorine or pool servicing but they will adjust. For anyone with remaining concerns, we recommend that you go to Lowe's or Home Depot and ask someone buying pool salt how they like their salt pool. Their testimony will convince you.

Last updated: September 29, 2014
Asian Chlorine Subject to Price Hike
by Nate Taylor, Pool and Spa News

A recent ruling could bring relief to domestic manufacturers of pool sanitizers who have been undercut by foreign competition.
On Sept 9, officials with the U.S. Department of Commerce determined that chlorinated isocyanurates from Asia are being sold at a less than fair value. Commerce concluded that Japan is dumping large quantities of super cheap tablets and shock on U.S. shores while shipments from China are unfairly subsidized.
As a result, tariffs could be imposed to level the playing field.
Chlorinated isos from Japan have been sold at dumping margins of 61 percent, the agency stated. That reflects the price disparity between Japanese and American-made products.
In addition, most Chinese manufacturers are benefiting from a subsidy rate of about 11 percent, enabling government-backed companies to flood the U.S. market with predatorily priced chlorine-based sanitizers, according to the report.
The federal agency began investigating allegations of unfair trade practices in September of last year to determine how much of the product is being exported and to what extent foreign manufacturers are benefitting from government assistance.
Meanwhile, the International Trade Commission is conducting its own investigation to nail down how much these imports are hurting domestic industry. If the ITC concludes that U.S. chemical makers are being hindered, then Commerce will authorize U.S. Customs and Border Protection to collect cash deposits as a way of urging Asian manufacturers into charging more for their products.
The ITC is expected to make its final determinations in October.
Meanwhile, the federal government is expected to make a final ruling on a similar case involving calcium hypochlorite from China.
In July, Commerce established that it would charge China hefty cash deposits based on antidumping margins of 210 percent.
It will make its final determination in November. ITC will follow with its ruling in January.

Last updated: September 29, 2014

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