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Although they have some expensive components, a chlorine generator is a relatively simple device. They all pass a low-voltage current across titanium plates to break down a salt molecule. A little understanding of what separates the good systems from the mediocre will help you get the most for your money:

The electronic circuitry is very similar in all the top brands; they monitor the salt level and they keep themselves clean. Some of the extra features are handy such as super chlorination and winter mode. The main thing to look for is a unit where the manufacturer did not skimp on costs with the cell assembly. Good cells have thick plates and at least 24 layers of the special coating that causes the chemical magic. Also, good control modules are heavy. They have large transformers and big heat sinks. Lastly, the warranty says a great deal about the manufacturer’s own confidence in their product. Like everything else, if it's built to last, it will. Compare the features. Compare the specs. Compare price. You will find that you can pay more, but you can't get a better system than a CircuPool Salt Pool Kit.

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